Concrete Post and Rail Concrete Fencing


Concrete Post and Rail Fencing


Concrete Post And Rail Fencing

This is an option to replace timber post and rail .

It comes in a timber colour and also a black colour.

The concrete is finished to look like the grain of the timber and not a smooth finish .

The rails are 2.4 mtr long and are approx 6″x2″

The posts are 2.0 mtr long and are aprox 6″x5″

e Post and Rail Concrete Fencing

The Concrete post and rail Fencing comes in the wood look in the brown and also in the charcoal grey that has a black look.

The Posts are about 5″ square and the rails are 6″ x 2″ and are steel reinforced for extra strength .

This is the answer if you do not want to have to paint every year