Fencing Panels for sale in all sizes.

Double Picket fencing panels
Double Picket fence panels In Concrete

This is the best value for money on the market.

The wind can get through this panel and you cannot see through it. The boards on the panels are staggered on both sides to block you seeing through it.

This panel can be fitted in the concrete posts or nailed on the timber posts .

The timber is pressure treated and comes in a light green finish, which can be painted after about 2 weeks, from the time of being fitted .The Boards in the panels are 95 x 16 mm with 3 75×32 mm braces or batons for the frame of the panel.

The Best part about these fencing panels is the price ,These fencing panels are the best value for money and with price’s from €30.00 per panel plus vat for the 6×5 panel for the concrete fencing . You will have fencing panels that will last for at least 15 years when fitted in the concrete posts and the gravel board under it.

Double side rib picket fencing panel

This double picket fencing panel is more or less the same as the standard double picket .

Except the boards in this panel are machined with a fine rib down the boards and each board has a round top.

Double picket fencing panels will always blend in to match with most houses and gardens .

We have a full display of our double picket fencing panels on our show yard .If you call to the yard you will get a better idea of what you are looking at

Solid Flat Top Picket panels.
flat top picket fencing panels

Solid flat top Picket Fence panels With 2 inch trellis on top.

This panel has an optional trellis on top.

This panel is solid on one side with the batons showing on the other side .We can also make this panel double sided. It can also be used with an arch trellis on top of the panel.

Shiplap Fence Panel

This is a Cheap fence panel with a 6 x 6 panel for just €21.00 and €20.00 for a 6 x 5 panel.

This panel is easy to slide in to replace old panels in concrete posts.

Double Side Rib Picket Panel with Arch Top

Like the double side picket panels the wind can get through the panel, but this panel has an arch top which looks great on a level site but might not look as good on a steep slope.

It works well in a concrete post with a gravel board under the panel.

This keeps the timber off the ground.

The panel will be 6′ high at the post but will be 7′ high in the middle at the highest point.