Best Types of Fencing for Gardens and Farms

Best Types of Fencing for Gardens and Farms

When it comes to gardens, hobby farms, and commercial farms, having a fence is important for confining and protecting animals, crops, and keeping intruders out of your property. The choice of fencing you choose should be based on the purpose that you need it for. Determine the purpose of your fence and the budget and this will then help you decide which one best suits your needs. There are multiple different options out there on the market and here I am going to discuss in fine detail the types of products that are available.

Timber Fencing Panels

wood-effect-conrete-walling-with-trellis-top-229x300This fencing is traditionally the best type to choose as it is the most natural option. They provide great value to your home for security, privacy, and to enhance the beauty of your garden. There are many popular types of quality timber fencing panels in a wide range of style and sizes to suit all requirements.

Listed are some of the following that would be available on the market:

  • Solid Flat Top Picket Panel
  • Shiplap Fences
  • Yorkshire Board Panel
  • Double Side Rib Picket
  • Double Picket Fences

Palisade Fencing

round-and-notched-palaside-fenceThis form of fencing is ultra-strong and durable and is a cost-effective way of securing any premises. It is a very effective perimeter style of fencing. It is available in many different types and sizes depending on your budget. Each palisade should be chosen carefully to ensure maximum security to your garden.

Listed here are some of the palisade that would be available on the market:

  • Round and Notched Palisade Fence
  • PVC coated
  • 4 Galvanised

Concrete Fencing

6-gravel-boards-high-concrete-fencing-003-300x225Concrete fencing is set to revolutionise the current market. They are manufactured typically sturdier than any other type’s which would give you peace of mind that your fence is supported. Concrete can last for decades. It will stay in good condition as it doesn’t need much maintenance.

Listed here is some of the concrete fencing’s that is available on the market:

  • Double sided wall section fencing
  • Brick face
  • Stone effect

What are the best types of fencing for farms?

Horse Wire

Horse Wire.jpg1Horse Wire fencing should be strong, long-lasting, and low maintenance solutions for any farm. The vertical wire spacings should be no more than 3 inches square any larger and you could risk the horse’s hoof getting caught in the wiring. Having horse wire will protect your animal’s and keep out any other animals from entering.

The types that would be available are as follows:

  • Woven Wire: The least expensive option. It is recommended that this wiring should be improved by adding an extra feature like a top board so that horse will be discouraged to lean on the fence.
  • V-Mesh Wire: This would be the safest of wiring to use. It is a diamond shaped fence very effective in keeping animals out and keeping horses in. It would be that bit more expensive to buy.
  • Smooth Wire: This is generally used with another option like an electric barrier and coated with PVC coating to keep horses from leaning on it.

Barb Wire

Bard wire Wicklow, Dublin, IrelandBarbed wire is the classic wiring that is best used for larger animals on farms such as Cattle. It usually consists of two horizontal strands of wire that have been twisted together, with sharp barbs inserted every 3-5 inches throughout the fencing. The strands are inserted between wooden posts and metal. It should not be used where there are animals such as goats, sheep, etc. Most of this type of fence is made up of 5 strands of wire. It is not the most attractive, but it is inexpensive to buy, strong, easy to repair, and very effective in use.

Sheep Wire

Sheep wire, Wicklow, Dublin, IrelandWhen buying sheep wire for fencing in your animals you should remember sheep wire requires perimeter and interior fencing. High-quality materials are needed to keep predators out of your ground. It is a very important decision in protecting your livestock.

The best types of sheep wire on the market would be as follows:

  • High Tensile
  • Woven Wire
  • High tensile has become a very popular type of fencing. It is strong and durable and should give you the required lifetime that would need. It can either have a single wire or equipped with a dozen or more depending on what you need. It also gives greater flexibilities.
  • A woven wire would be one of the best-wired fences you could buy. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. It is a very secure and a versatile fence. It is almost impossible to get out of this fencing boundary. A woven fence should last a lifetime.




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